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Sponsorship Opportunities
Available for 2023

Fit City Tyler is successful thanks to our many local sponsors and supporters.

Since 2010, Fit City Tyler has established impactful community health programs aimed at kids, businesses, restaurant owners, students, and adults of all ages.

The concurrent epidemics of obesity and sedentary lifestyles were viewed, and are still considered, as the greatest threats to the health of the citizens and communities of Tyler.

For more information about becoming a financial sponsor of Fit City Tyler, please contact us at

“We believe we have made, and are making, a difference. But one thing we know works, and that is the coalition…the power of many different groups working together to make a collective impact. Fit City Tyler has served as an inspiration and source of encouragement for many to take personal action to improve their health and help making our city a healthier place to live.”

- Dave Berry, Fit City Tyler Co-Founder

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