All Hail the Mayor of the Walking Capital of Texas

Fit City Tyler pays tribute to one of our coalition members who recently passed. 


Bob Moore was a vocal local for kids and adults of all ages to walk. It is a convenient and accessible form of exercise that he practiced everyday in his hometown of Canton.


In 2013, the Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution that was authored by Senator Bob Deuell and sponsored by State Representative Dan Flynn to officially designate the City of Canton as the official walking capitol of Texas.


 "Bob Moore was one of a kind and a good friend to anyone he met," says Dave Berry, cofounder of Fit City Tyler. "His story was one of personal triumph over health issues, an unbelievable eagerness to share the secrets he had learned about walking and healthy living, as well as a deep love for his community of Canton.  Bob will be missed."

2021 Fit City Tyler Sponsorship Application 


In 2010, Fit City Tyler was created due to the epidemics of obesity and sedentary lifestyles that were then viewed as the greatest threasts to the health and wellness of the citizens and communities of the City of Tyler.

Eleven years later, we continue to establish enduring programs aimed to improve the

lifelong health of businesses, nonprofits, students and adults of all ages.

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2021 "Fit For Life"
Youth Art Contest

Kids and teenagers can participate in our FREE art contest that will award $50, $75 & $100 prizes.

To enter, you can be a student of any public, private, charter or home school in East Texas.

Students can create and enter multiple entries. 

All entries must be entered before April 15, 2021.

2021 Fit City Tyler
Celebration Event

Save The Date of Thursday, May 20th, 2021.

Our annual event will be held on the lawn of the Tyler Rose Garden and introduce the winners of our annual community health programs.

Attendance is free and open to all ages.

Healthiest Workplaces 2021 Applications

Worksite wellness continues to be an important topic for companies of all sizes in all industries.


Our annual Healthiest Workplaces in Tyler Awards gives your company the earn free recognition for best practices for ensuring healthy employees .

Entries will be accepted until April 15th 2021.

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Active Living Plan

The Fit City Tyler Active Living Plan is a way for you to help us create annual health programs.


Suggest project ideas that focus on specific populations in the Tyler area, so that the Fit City Tyler Active Living Plan will include current and future planning ideas related to health equity.

Exercise Resources 
in the Tyler Area

There are literally over 100 places in Tyler where you can walk, run, lift, play, swim, and sweat!

We can created a Google Map that shows the locations of walking paths, sidewalks, bike trails, exercise facilities, and city parks in Tyler.

Make plans to get some physical activity today!

Play the Parks & Rec 
Scavenger Hunt!

Visit one of the several parks in the Tyler area

and look for this Scavenger Hunt sign.

Scan the QR code on the side . You must photograph yourself with the item or doing a task, and then send in your photo to Tyler Parks & Rec.

Participation is free. Happy hunting, everyone!

One Step 

The City of Tyler schedules many free and low-cost health and wellness activities each month.

Click below to view info at the:

Tyler Parks & Rec Department

Glass Recreation Center


Tyler Public Library

Tyler Senior Center


The 27 City Parks

One Bite 

The healthy option is the easy option, thanks to our "Fit Bite" Healthy Menu Program. 


El Charro On The Ridge

Jason's Deli

Potpourri House

The Diner

Traditions Restaurant

One Decision 

Fit City Tyler is a nonprofit, volunteer driven health and wellness coalition that includes and individual, family, church or business who is, our who would like to help up, to create action toward making Tyler healthier.


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