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Simple Math

Every registered person who loses at least 5% of their registered starting weight will become eligible for our Grand Prize drawings, but what is your 5%?  Someone with a starting weight of 200 pounds would earn one entry by losing 10 pounds.

Your percentage of weight loss will be calculated by subtracting your final weight from your starting weight, and then divide that total by your starting weight.


Our Eligibility Formula for a 200-lb person  = ( 200 pounds x 5% ) or ( 200 pounds / 20 ) = 10 pounds

Our Eligibility Formula for a 348-lb person = ( 348 pounds x 5% ) or ( 348 pounds / 20 ) = 17.4 pounds

There is a simpler way to calculate your 5% (without even using a calculator).  Take the first 2 numbers of your weight (to the left of the decimal point) and divide that number by 2.  That is 5% of your current weight.  

This formula works because most people’s weight have three numbers before the decimal point and dividing by 10 means you move the decimal point to the left.

Our Simpler Eligibility Formula for a 200-lb person  = Take the first 2 numbers of your weight (20) and divide that number by 2.  The answer is 10 pounds, which is 5% of the starting weight of a 200 pound person

Our Simpler Eligibility Formula for a 348-lb person = 34 / 2 = 17 pounds 

Actually, it is 17.4 pounds, so everyone should round up to the next pound for their 5% goal. 

A 348-lb person would aim for the goal of 18 pounds of weight loss before the end of April.


This 348-lb person would mathematically earn an entry by losing 17.4 pounds.  We advise all entrants to “Round-Up” and create a goal that is one pound more than your 5% target.  A 162-lb person would need to lost at least 8.1 pounds (or 9 pounds) while a 278-lb person would need to lose at least 13.9 pounds (or 14 pounds).


Go ahead and use this math trick to learn the 5% of your starting weight.

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