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Keep a 3-Day Food Journal

Keeping a food diary has many benefits, from encouraging weight loss to improving nutrition to pinpointing food intolerances. A food diary can also help you recognize emotional issues dooming your weight-loss efforts.

After you register into Lighten Up East Texas, please take note of the below tips for keeping a food journal:

  • Keep a food journal for 3 days in a row, and begin on the week that you enter Lighten Up East Texas

  • The 3 days should include two weekdays and one weekend day.

  • Select days that will closely resemble your usual eating habits.

  • Each time you eat/drink ANYTHING (meals, snacks, etc.), write down what and how much you ate & drank

To measure how much was eaten, use a set of measuring cups and spoons to help estimate amounts. Whether your food choices & beverages are homemade or purchased, please include brand names whenever possible.

Feel free to use either of the blank food journal templates below, or you can use any smartphone app or website that you prefer, but you are encouraged to keep a 3-day food journal at least once per month.

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