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Smith County is ranked within the upper 25% of all counties whose health indicators were evaluated within this year’s data release by County Health Rankings (CHR), a objective model for community health that emphasizes factors that influence how long and how well we live.


Click here to download the Executive Summary that shows the rankings of all counties in East Texas.

Fit City Tyler is celebrating the health factors that have improved in the Tyler area since our inception in 2010 while also utilizing the 2022 data from County Health Rankings to create data-driven solutions that will assist you to achieve your physical, emotional, and mental fitness goals.

Exercise Resources 
in the Tyler Area

There are literally over 100 places in Tyler where you can walk, run, lift, play, swim, and sweat!

We have created a Google Map that shows the locations of walking paths, sidewalks, bike trails, exercise facilities, and city parks in Tyler.

Make plans to get some physical activity today!

"Fit Bite" Restaurant
Healthy Menu Program

Restaurants can enroll into the "Fit Bite" Program and receive resources for your customers to easily identify your healthy options.


Health Support Classes in the Tyler Area

Does your company provide free or low-cost sessions for anyone to learn how to live healthy?

Your company can become listed here at so that anyone can contact you to register for your lifestyle education classes.

Join Our Focus Groups 

We're looking for people who want to help us improve health literacy levels in the Tyler area by empowering individuals to care about their health.

Selected persons will be asked to provide input that will help us develop local marketing campaigns that are aimed to educate all Tyler residents about the benefits of healthy living.

Play the Parks & Rec 
Scavenger Hunt!

Visit one of the several parks in the Tyler area

and look for this Scavenger Hunt sign.

Scan the QR code on the side . You must photograph yourself with the item or doing a task, and then send in your photo to Tyler Parks & Rec.

View the Fit City Tyler
Active Living Plan

The Fit City Tyler Active Living Plan is a way for you to help us create annual health programs.


Focus is placed on specific populations in the Tyler area to include current and future planning ideas related to access for health equity.

Bicycle Stand Decal _ Approved Proofs_ Blue-on-Silver.png
Pedal the Petals of Tyler's Bicycling Routes

Tyler will have 36 miles of designated bicycle lanes aimed to increase safety for bicyclists and drivers.

The Tyler Bike Stripes project connects 11 bicycle spokes with a centralized hub in the downtown area.


The project aligns with the Tyler Area 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Active Tyler Plan addressing the needs of all users of a City’s transportation system to include using non-motorized forms of transportation.

Click to view the new and upgraded bicycling routes within the Tyler Bike Stripes Project.

The Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health) and the Tyler Parks and Rec Department have partnered to install numerous bicycle fix-it stations throughout the City of Tyler.


The fix-it stations were purchased thanks to grant funds from the Texas Physical Activity and Nutrition Program, have been placed at Tyler parks near trails, and will include all tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, such as inflating a flat tire and adjusting brakes.

The bicycle fix-it stations have been installed along the Rose Rudman Trail, Legacy Trails,

Bergfeld Park, Faulkner Nature Trails, Lindsey Mountain Bike Trails, Glass Recreation Center.

Downtown Tyler locations of the bicycle fix-it stations include the downtown square (near the water feature), in the Fair Plaza parking garage, and near the Tyler Transit depot on Oakwood and Spring St.

Click to learn the locations and amenities of the 27 parks and multiple bike/hike trails in Tyler.

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